Chisholm 2018

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Minnesota Recycles Day, "See links at bottom of page"

Yellow City of Chisholm garbage bags are required, and "Mandatory" by law
.  The police department has been instructed to write fines to all who do not comply with the ordinance.  Please use this program of yellow bags with recycling to get rid of bulk garbage.  It is more expensive if we use a different method. 

Recycling reduces the property tax each of us pays per year. Each garbage truck is weighed when entering and leaving the garbage dump.  The City of Chisholm is charged per ton of garbage and the bill is divided by all property owners to pay the bill.  By recycling, you are able to lower the fee to dump garbage. 

The savings is in your wallet and your environment.

Do you have a clean-up project?  See the Dumpster rental handout below. 

The dumpsters are the 300-gallon size and most often a better value than hauling your own plus paying the tipping fee at the landfill.

*See the attachments below for your program instructions, and your calendar for 2015.