Chisholm 2018

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The Chisholm Public Utilities Commission

City Water Tower
City Water Tower

There are five members on the commission. If you need to get more information on meetings or your water bill, call 254-7905.

The commission generally meets the third Wednesday of each month at City Hall. 

Facts on Water
They say: Water Costs Money. Don't waste it!  Well read the following bit of information and you will know too!

A continuous leak from a hole this size would, over a 3 month period, waste water in the amounts shown:  Based upon 70psi.

1/4" Diameter stream wastes 1,181,500 gals.
3/16" Diameter stream wastes 666,000 gals.
1/8" Diameter stream wastes 296,000 gals.
1/16" Diameter stream wastes 74,000 gals.

- Before you get your next water bill, check the handout "Water Meter Guide" in the list below.