Chisholm 2018

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Keep Our Neighborhoods Safe


a.  Adopt a Fire Hydrant and remove the snow around it.  The fire department needs clear access in case of a house fire.

b.  Make sure your address is on the front of your building and in a contrasting color, visible from the street.  If you have an emergency at your place, you would not want an emergency crew wasting any time locating your home or business.


c.  If a building near you is recently abandoned, call the Building Official's office (254-7906) or the Police Department (254-7915).  We can check to see if the water or heat is on, or if the heat is off we want to make sure the water lines are drained to prevent damage to the home.


d.  If burning wood for heating your home or building, do not burn treated wood, plastics, or garbage.  It is unhealthy for you and the neighborhood.  If you know someone is burning any of these items call the Building Official's office (254-7906) or the Police Department at(254-7915).


e.  If you see an abandoned vehicle, call the Police Department (254-7915).  Is it just parked, broken down, or does someone inside need help?


f.  If you see a wandering dog or cat in your yard, call and report it right away. 


Be safe and report unusual activity at the time it is happening.  Do not wait until the next day. 


Also, report all property break-in’s, fires, or damaged buildings in your neighborhood.




For the local Fire Department, Police Department, or Ambulance call 911.


Think Safety & Be Safe